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Glass can break for many reasons such as stones coming off tyres of passing cars or even birds flying into panes. If you are looking for a company that offers glass repair and replacement services, you can rely on none other than Pane in the Glass. Since 1990, we have been specializing in glass repair for commercial and residential properties in and around London. We are committed to providing honest and reliable service at a fair price, and we have a flexible schedule.

If the glass in your insulated window is damaged but the window structure is still in good condition, you don’t have to replace the whole window. Our glass panes replacement service means that you can simply change the sealed unit, prolonging the life of your windows and/or doors. Our experts can work on any kind of building. With over 30 years of experience under our belts from a variety of different projects you can rely on our qualified staff and their expertise like you would a best friend.


What are the advantages of replacing the glass in your thermally insulated windows?


  • It is much cheaper than buying new windows.
  • Your heating bill will be lower as more cold air is kept out.
  • It will give the outside of your building a makeover thus increasing its market value.
  • It’s quick, glass replacement can be carried out all year round.


Pane in the Glass won't push you into purchasing a full window set in an attempt to maximize profits, unlike others. We'll try and replace your glasses alone — to keep you free from unnecessarily extra charges while being relevant. We'll replace your window glass promptly with the appropriate one that gives a better quality while matching your frames before the next cold night arrives.

Among the glasses that we have in store for your uPVC frames are the float, laminated, annealed, insulated, obscured, and mirrored glasses, etc. We have them in different thicknesses, which we shall choose for your house when due. If you need to reduce your energy bills using windows, we can help you achieve that too. For example, some of our glasses have heat-reflecting coatings on their internal surfaces — to reduce the rate of heat loss in your house.

Your double-glazing window may have undergone replacement, but it keeps breaking or showing signs of defectiveness again and again. This could suggest that its size doesn't match the window thickness. A large window needs toughened glass that withstands it's susceptibility to damage due to its large surface area. Whichever the glass you have in mind, we're most likely to have it in stock.

Don't try to cope with the adversity caused by damaged double-glazing windows. Instead, call us for the best and honest advice.