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Double glazing windows, alias insulating glass windows, are special types of windows that offer insulation against heat loss, noise, UV radiation as well as security. They're good servants but can immediately turn into bad masters when they hit a snag. If you own one, you'll want to read this piece to the end.


Double Glazing Window Hitches

Nothing stays unscathed forever — we can't change that — and at one point in time, your DG window (allow us to call it that for now) may show a few unwelcome signs of damage. It's in order to worry when this happens, but the remedies we offer will save your bacon. Take a look at some of the most common problems that may arise with your DG windows below.

Note: Poring over this piece to the end will be helpful, especially if you own a double glazing window. So here are the most common problems and their most appropriate solutions.

1. Misty Window Panes

While a foggy appearance on the inside or outside surfaces of your DG window may not indicate a severe complication, the one between the panes is a huge problem. It points to the availability of moisture-filled air in this space which is abnormal because it should stay air-tight. Broken seals, windows, or warped frames can cause this problem, but that's nothing to worry about because it can get fixed.

Our solution

A repair will serve best in case the seals are broken. Replacing the pane(s) will be the solution if one or more of them got broken. However, it'll help if you replaced the whole window system in case the frame and panes are both defective. Read more about our solution to misted windows.

2. Broken Pane

Broken windows are not only an inconvenience, but they also pose a security risk to your home. If an accident or break-in occurs, you shouldn’t wait until regular business hours for your window to be repaired or replaced.

Our solution

We can repair broken windows or install replacement window panes within the same day that damage occurs

3. Leaks

Needless to say, leaks are indicators of a discontinuity on that part of your window (it could be the seals, panes, or the frame). The seals and or glasses may be broken, paving the way for water. Leaks could also be as a result of a blockage in your window's drainage channel, forcing water through other channels. Severe scratches may also cause leaks, though this is often rare. You have to find a solution in case of these before it gets messier.

Our solution

Broken seals can be repaired; bent frames can be straightened, while broken window panes and frames call for a replacement.

4. Noticeable Draughts

Conspicuous draughts are a sign of broken seals. They can occur between the frame and your wall, or between the panes and the frame.

Our solution

Repair works best for this. Allowing professional window fitter lend a hand will ensure that you have a long-lasting solution.

This Is Where Pane in The Glass Comes In

Pane in the Glass is a professional team of gurus in glass window repair. We repair myriads of window types and your double glazing window isn't an exception.

Where due, we'll offer repairs or replacements. After contacting us, our team will pay you a visit to assess the situation and recommend the apt solution in that case. Possibilities may be that your window pane needs a replacement, for which we have a full range of window glass types that match your house's.

If your frame is broken beyond repair, we'll let you know and replace your whole window with an even more durable one. 

Please note that the above isn't an exhaustive cover of the whole range of hitches associated with double glazing windows. There are a few more, and we deal with them, too. Don't hesitate to contact us at any time for any queries. We're here for you.